Your Opinion Matters!

What feels better than thinking of a solution to a ongoing problem that is affects millions? Creating the solution and making it come to life!

I previously mentioned a potential solution in my last blog post to an ongoing problem regarding the dangers of  internet scammers and spammers. I just recently had my school e-mail hacked into (for the 2nd time) and the hacker used my e-mail account to send hundreds of emails out to people I don’t know. They sent so many e-mails that my school IT help desk got flagged and they shut down my e-mail until I could prove myself. This infuriates me to no end because it happens to so many people. In this modern era, we do absolutely everything online. We pay bills online, we shop online, we tell secrets online.. Don’t you ever ask yourself… How can I protect myself? How can I protect my children?

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. And I personally believe that education is the solution. There are blogs set up for parents to teach their kids about internet safety. Click here to find out how to teach your kid about internet safety.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela

On a website called, they offer lesson plans featuring activities for 3rd-12th graders, “teaching about various aspects of internet safety through games, videos, and other interactive features”. I think that exposing children starting in third grade is the perfect age to start getting into more serious, important, and relevant topics. I mean that’s when we started learning about multiplication, so you know it’s serious.


“The National Cyber-security Alliance offers activities and material to help you teach cyber-security and [cybernetics], to students from kindergarten through 12 grade”. Not only are there options and printouts for teachers but more importantly there are options for activities for parents. It is so unbelievably important for parents to be involved with their children and teach them the “do’s and do not’s” of the internet world. There are even tips on how to proactively monitor your child’s internet use while they’re at home. You can find tips on your phone here!


In conclusion, we all want what is best for ourselves and our children. Not only it is important to educate your children, but it is also important to educate yourself. So you, the parent, can be a prime role model for your children and the friends of your children. Like my grandparents say, “it is a much different and complex time than when [they] were young”. So, get up, get out, and get educated so you can prevent scammers, spammers, and hackers from getting your identity, your money, or your time.

Feel free to click on this link provided to take a quick survey (7 Yes-or-No questions) telling me your history with internet scammers and your opinion on what I’ve discussed today. Even if you don’t agree, I would still love to hear your opinion.



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