Do You Know How To Protect Yourself?

Coming from someone who has dealt with scamming, spamming, and hacking multiple times. The worst part of it all is getting your identity stolen. Not only does that affect you mentally, but it also affects you financially. When you get your identity stolen there is so much they can do with that information. “Identity theft is the unlawful acquisition of the personal information such as credit card numbers, social security number, addresses, and bank numbers of another in order to commit fraud or other crimes” defined by Business Insights.

When I was 18, I went to Verizon to open my own phone account so my mom would stop hassling me about racking up the data charges… (I think we’ve all been there). When I got there, they already told me I had an account that I hadn’t been paying for. I was so embarrassed. They couldn’t give me a lot of details regarding the account. But when they asked me if I have ever lived in Hillsborough, Tampa. I said no, but I have an aunt who lives there. Come to find out, my aunt had actually found a document with my Social Security number on it and used my information to open up the Verizon account. So, lesson learned, it might not even be a stranger who is stealing and using your information… It can be someone you know and thought you could trust. Which was a very sad reality.

“Because identity theft is a widespread problem affecting more than 27.3 million people in the past 5 years and costing the US economy upwards of $53 million per year, there are many organizations and services available to help victims of identity theft”, also stated by Business Insights. It is so important for you to know not only know how to protect yourself from getting hacked, but to know how to protect yourself after you get hacked. Knowing the right numbers to call after something like this has happened and who to get into contact with to keep it from happening again.

One good thing that came from me getting my identity stolen is being on a credit protection list. Last week, my fiancé and I went to Best Buy to get a new Sony TV. As we were going through the credit check and what not, they stopped the process and handed me a telephone. The person on the other line was someone who needed to verify my information, send me text message with a code that I would then tell him in order to verify that it was really me. Even though it ended up being a longer process to get our TV, I was so happy that there is someone out there who is looking out for me and making sure that my identity wasn’t used again. Click on the link below to see options on the available services to help protect you, rated by

The Best Identity Theft Protection Services

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