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In life, we do things strictly to see results. We go to school to earn a degree, we work to earn money, we exercise to look/feel better, etc. We do not do things to just do them. We are always looking for something in return. In a recent blog I posted, I attached a link to a survey regarding the internet, scammers, identity thieves, and who is being educated about these topics. After 32 total responses, I’ve decided to share the results from that survey with you. Not only was it important for me to obtain those results and understand the different experiences but to also share them with you so it can be used to inform you as well.

It turns out that out of the 32 responses, that more than half, 56.25%, have been scammed through the internet and 21.88% had their identity stolen and the same percentage (21.88%) said they lost money from an internet scam. A whopping 84.38% took a typing class in grade school but only ONE person, I repeat ONE person said that they were instructed on how to protect themselves from scammers. A whole class for learning on how to type but no one thought that being instructed on how to actually protect yourself from scammers would be helpful…? Amazing. When asked on if a course on how to protect yourself from scammers would have been beneficial, 87.50% said yes. Lastly, I asked when we should start educating children on how to protect themselves from internet scammers and the majority said middle school.

2017-06-26 (5)

These results were kind of shocking to me. Shocking in a good way. I was overall pleased with the results and I appreciate each and everyone’s participation. If you didn’t get to participate and you would like to… the survey remains open at this link here: open survey here

I first started using a computer with internet when I was in elementary school, more specifically, I was in 3rd grade. I got my first computer when I was in the 4th grade. My mom, who calls herself “old school” actually put a computer in my bedroom and didn’t know a thing about parental control. I had no locked websites, no computer curfew, nothing. Let me just say that I learned a lot in 4th grade and was exposed to a lot more than what I should have been at the young age of 9 years old. It’s written on that, “any student who is old enough to type a few characters can literally access the world”. So, I think that students should be taking internet protection classes starting at 9 years old. Just like how I took my first drugs and alcohol course, also known as D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), was provided to me in 5th grade.


On the website that I mentioned earlier,, there are numerous websites that go into detail about the different protection sites for children who are beginning to access the internet in attempt to make them safer. Feel free to click here and/or spread the word about children internet safety.




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